Frequently Asked Questions

Our main shipping facility is located in Miami, Florida. Delivery time with Free Regular USPS shipping is 5-6 business days and

it includes a USPS tracking number.

For expedite service service is of 1-3 Days for a $5.99 Fee

you can always check your balance with the following comands directly from your mobil device:

Option 1: *122# send Option 2: *22 send Data Balance Option: *111# Send

You can expect upload and download speeds of between 500MB- 1GB for the 3G- service

Yes, many of Dominican simCards customers only buy a Data package and place their calls with VOIP applications.

Yes. There is no roaming for Data in Dominican Republic but Data plans will not work outside DR.

No. Once you use all your Minutes, the service will stop working and you will be able to buy more if you want to. We do no store credit card information and cannot bill you for any extra usage.

Incoming calls are always free of charge (within Dominican Republic) and this includes calls that are coming through our Call Forwarding service.

The Minutes are valid for 30 days from the Date of Arrival that you specify at checkout. An additional Minutes refill will reset the 30-day expiry period of your Minutes.

Our Sim Cards are universal fit most or all modern cell phones. also you are able to customized by cutting it to your fit.

It means that your phone is able to operate on more then one cellular network. Generally, an unlocked phone has been purchased at full price from the retailer (Directly from the Apple Store for example). Equally, some phones are factory unlocked for international use. The best way to find out if your phone is unlocked is to call your cellular provider which can also unlock your phone at your request.